What can I do with my computer?

-Email: it can save a lot of time on the phone if you email a company a question.
-Search for information: ask your question to google. Wiki web sites are good as Wiki is the online encyclopaedia.
-Search for music or funny clips on you tube (just type it in to google and click on the You Tube video)
-Google Earth: look down you street or anywhere in the world.
-Shopping: Amazon and Ebay are great and there are also high street stores like Boots or supermarkets like Tesco.
-Skype: Video Phone people for free.
-BBC iplayer- Catch up on TV that you have missed.  There is also ITV player and 4OD in the same way.
-Online banking- Sign up so that you can view your balance and pay bills quickly online.
-Learn about any subject you are interested in.  I like watching YouTube videos to gain more knowledge.