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Here are a few ways to keep your computer running smoothly


  1. Look at the little icons on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  These are some of the programs that run each time you computer starts up, if you move your curser over them they will usually say what they are and you can decide whether they should be there eg. Antivirus programs yes, Speedtouch ( for dial up modems) no.
  2. Go to start (or windows icon) control panel, add and remove programs on XP or Programs and features in later operating systems, look down the list and see if there is anything that says Toolbar, if you remove these then your browser will have fewer annoying bars across.
  3. Do a scan with a virus checker. If you haven’t got one you can download AVG which is about the best free one.
  4. The are a couple of items in system tools that can be useful, disk clean up to get rid of temporary files etc. and defragmenter.  If you have recently installed or uninstalled several programs it may be good to do this or once a year if you haven’t.


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